Astronomy Art – The Cosmos Gallery

I came across a website showcasing some very beautiful art, this morning. Fine art + Astronomy is a magical equation. See for yourself:

Jupiter's Red Spot

Red Spot of Jupiter

Purchase some of this original and amazing art and/or help contribute to the artist’s next project.

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  1. Hello, thank you for featuring my art in your blog. I’m just a painter and a web developer with a passion for sharing astronomy and science, glad you like my work.
    I’m enjoying your other entries as well and I like what you are sharing here, looking forward to become one of your regular readers.


  2. Your work is absolutely fantastic. You and I share a same mission. I started this blog less than a week ago to help provide information to those with a desire to understand our Cosmos. I hope you find it worthwhile to stick around!

  3. Thank you for your kind words, and congratulations on the recent launch of your site. I encourage you to continue working on your blog even though launching a project like this can take a bit of time an patience while it takes off. I’ll keep an eye on your work!


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